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Know Your Extinguishers

It can be confusing when trying to decide which extinguisher to choose and where to put them in your building, so we have created some simple guides below to help you.

Classes of Fire

Class A – Fire involving freely burning materials. eg wood, paper, textiles and carbonaceous materials.

Class B – Fires involving flammable liquids. eg petrol, spirits, alcohol or cooking oil.

Class C – Fire involving flammable gases. eg butane and propane

Class D – Fires involving flammable metals. eg magnesium and lithium

Fires involving electrical equipment. eg fax machines and computers. (This has no class)

Class F – Fires involving cooking oil and fat.

Where to place extinguishers and how many in the work place?

Fire extinguishers are primarily there to aid your escape out of a building, bearing this in mind as a rule you should cover every entrance, exit and every change of level (Top of the stairs) within a building with a Class A fire extinguisher. For offices it would best to use a water or foam extinguisher for this, for a factory it would be best to use a foam or powder extinguisher. Then you would cover any internal fire risks such electrical equipment (photo copiers and computers) with a CO2 extinguisher.

You should be no further than 30 meters from an extinguisher in any part of the building and British standards say that all extinguishers should be fixed to the wall i.e with a wall bracket or on a extinguisher stand and have an extinguisher ID sign fixed above them.